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thewarriorkai's Journal

31st July, 2013. 10:08 pm. Glimpses - the idea behind the short story

Writing update! You get ideas from the strangest places sometimes! Sometimes it's not even from what you see but from what you taste, smell, feel or hear. I love to take pics of my daughter. I took a few recently where she looked far older than what she already does. At just 3 and a half she can easily pass for a 6 or 7 year old but in this one photo she had 'teen' pushing in at the edges. C...hris took one look at it and said - "I'm going to have to beat the boys off with a stick." And he said it in such a melancholy way LOL Then he turned to me and said, "I know she's always looked older but this picture shows us a glimpse of what she's going to be." And the short story "Glimpses" was born. I finished it a short while ago but I haven't had a chance to type it up yet. It's about how four generations from mother to daughter and then back about a moment for each when they see a glimpse of what the future holds for their daughters. And then, on the way back - from daughter to mother - how they realize that they mother always tried their best, finally understanding what they didn't'/couldn't until they too met that same milestone of parenthood.

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9th July, 2013. 8:49 pm. Review by: Hal Friesen on July 08, 2013 for All Directions: A Little Bit of Everything

Review by: Hal Friesen on July 08, 2013 : starstarstarstar
This book covers a wide range of topics which track Leclerc's vivid experiences and insights into motherhood, daughterhood, growing up, pain, loss, and finding one's place in the world. I most enjoyed the essays (non-fiction) in the first part of the book, since they seemed much tighter with powerful messages and moving passages that really struck a chord. I was teary-eyed through several of them.

The fictional part of the collection was a bit less concise in terms of style, but almost all contained a similar thematic vein: that we all have a role to play in the world. I lean toward sci-fi myself, so I preferred the stories about the futuristic warehouse and the Hero Maker. I'd love to see more with some of these great ideas.

On the whole the collection is true to its name: it gives the reader an assortment of content (both fictional and non-fictional) which are not all tied thematically. However, this also means there could be something for everyone in here, and that a reader is likely to find him/herself touched by Leclerc's writing spirit.

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9th June, 2013. 10:51 pm. First Book Reveiw: Betrothal (Queen’s Honor, Tales of Lady Guinevere: #1), a Medieval Fantasy

Here's my first review of a story on smashwords. I'll post more as I get a chance. This one is even free to try out!


This book is formatted well for the ikobo which made me ecstatic at the very start since so many others weren't. I was actually able to read the whole thing easily without words running into each other!

Another plus - it's a unique look into an old tale. This first book gives you a good idea of where the whole series is going but leaves you wanting more. Just enough answer to satisfy your curiosity and just enough questions to keep you intrigued. A highly difficult balance to achieve. The main character Guinevere is believable as a young lady of the era but has a strong will and independant spirit that will able to most readers. I also enjoy the twist in her character bloodline (and yes I did write it that way to remain cryptic!). If you want to know what I'm talking about just download the book, you won't be sorry for giving it a chance. I wasn't.

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1st June, 2013. 9:52 pm. Cute little anecdote

Okay, funny story with my daughter... we had just left Mason's birthday party and she knew that when we got home it would be bedtime. As we're in the car she strikes up a new and improved argument against it... in front of us the sky was still a bright blue but on the left hand side it was dark because of some darker clouds. My daughter points out the front window and says, "THAT'S awake time... SEE!" Then she turns and points out the window on her left and says, "And THAT'S bedtime... SEE!" "THAT'S awake time and THAT'S bedtime." - to which I replied to her exasperated yet, somewhat logical debate... "Too bad for you that we're going to be driving towards bedtime because that is where the house is." She chose to give me the silent treatment after that.... LOL

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26th May, 2013. 9:03 pm. Last day of the 3D conference

Last day of the conference was the BEST day of the conference Natasha Deen session with Sigmund Brouwer, Cathy Ostlere, and Janet Gurtler was the highlight of the conference for me... plus Corin Raymond's performance was awesome if you get a chance to look him up - DO. And a note... the lunch that was served was okay... until I decided to try the vegan/glutten free dishes... then it was awesome! LOL For the first time I have gone to a Writing conference (since before this I didn't know they existed) it was far more than I ever could have hoped for.

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25th May, 2013. 9:34 pm. Edmonton 3D Writer's Conference

So the conference is done for today - still tomorrow to go yet. I enjoyed listening to Rosemary Shipton one of the keynote speakers talk about the changing environment of publishing/writing and editing. Also found it interesting to hear of a major success story with self-publishing... I wish she could have explained more about how she did it but they only get 15 to 20 minutes to talk before the ...next speaker is up. Still she said that she would answer my questions if I e-mailed (something she'll only do because of the conference)... found out that in a publicist world DOGS sell. LOL Wish I could have taken in more but concurrent sessions make that difficult unless you can time travel or split yourself into a few copies. Manned the tabel for Edmonton Writer's Group and gave out all of my bookmarks, all of Laini's bookmarks, all of Hal's business cards, all of Marie's business cards and bookmarks and met quite a few people interested in joining our little writer's group. Thanks to a friend watching our daughter I was actually able to share some of it with Chris as well. I really wish I could just submerse myself in the writing culture. I had a lot of fun today and I was sad the day had to end.

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30th April, 2013. 5:03 pm. trade show and smashwords

Sold two of the CDs we put together (so we had hard copies) to sell and sign at the tradeshow and we've had 11 samples for my anthology downloaded and one copy has been sold already!  I'm so excited!!!!

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25th April, 2013. 7:46 am. My book is published on Smashwords!!!!!

My book is up on Smashwords! I'm officially a published author in my own right! If you're interested in supporting me you can get a copy of the ebook yourself, gift it to someone else or share this post on your pages! Please spread the word - getting published and realizing your life-long dream is a BIG deal. *SO EXCITED!*


cover pic

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4th March, 2013. 10:03 pm. Tomorrow is the day!

Okay tomorrow is the day that the Anthology becomes available on www.smashwords.com It's called Don't Chew on the Sharp End of the Pencil and even better is that it's a FREE download.  Spread the word to your friends and family especially if they are in the process of becoming writers or if they've ever wanted to write!

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10th February, 2013. 1:21 pm. EWG is E-publishing an Anthology (similar to Chicken Soup books) but for writers and I'm in it!!!


This is the cover and I hope you'll look it up at the end of February start of March if you have an e-reader.  Pretty excited about this.  And soon I hope to have my own short story compilation up and ready for your viewing pleasure!   My piece is called 'Use What The Writing Spirit Gave You' by Melodie Leclerc

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